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OGS Financial Advisors


Online Global Services (OGS) Is a family owned company founded in the year 2000 and incorporated in April 2006. Ottmar & Diana Martie teamed up and are working since 2005 full time in the business.













Ottmar A. Martie
Founder, director
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Diana M. Martie
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The company’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship in the Dutch Caribbean by providing tailored solutions to businesses. Creating a devoted team which is committed to lead companies into a brighter future and to become a solid partner in the financial sector.





To establish an Empire built on the strong pillars of Honesty, Compatibility, Knowledge and Dependability.



Business Concept


The business concept entails a package deal to prospective cutsomers.

Our aim is to provide a full range of administration services to prospective clients making it possible for the entrepreneurs to mind their business while we mind the peripherals.


Often enough entrepreneurs have to deal with the everlasting challenge of juggling with their time which should be directed towards their line of business instead of keeping up with developments and changes taking place in the fiscal arena, salary administration, accounting programs, point of sales systems and investment opportunities. Thus the concept is a one-stop shop, where the client “leases” all the peripherals, which are required to operate a successful business.




The legislation with regard to legal entities under private law such as the foundation and the limited liability company has been completely renewed as per March 1, 2004. These are now regulated in the new book 2 of the civil code of the Netherlands Antilles.We are talking about serious implications towards:


  • Fiscal requirements

  • Position of the Managing and Supervisory Directors

  • Administrative obligations

  • Financial Statements requirements.

  • Audit requirements

  • Publication requirements


There is a niche in the market to cater to small and medium sized businesses.The intention is to sell a business concept to these businesses which will make it possible for them to immediately realize their dreams with a combination of products. The point is that we want to take care of the Financial Administration in order for the business owner to manage the business. In view of the recent changes in the law governing liability of Managing Directors and their responsibility towards the financial administration, we offer a product that will relieve this pressure from the business owners. These investors did not enter in the business with this type of understanding of entrepreneurship in mind.

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